Shops are saying:

The concept from STUDIO Clothing, is really one of a kind. We don’t need to give a customer 4-5 different pair of jeans to try – it is very easy for our staff to quickly see what sort of trousers/Jeans a customer should need. Ashley or Carmen – and based on the height of the customer, we can also very easy tell the length a customer need – this way, we have a lot better hit rate when customers entering the door to buy some trousers. Especially when the fitting is based on ACTUAL body measures, makes everything so much more easy. We really have a high hit rate – which result in many repeat orders. It is so nice to see customers being so happy when leaving the shop after having bought STUDIO Jeans.


The regression pictured below shows the ratio between women’s waist and hip girth.

The blue spots represent the measurements done in 2009 of 6,500 women in Germany
between the ages 18-75.

The red slope states how the majority of clothing brands grade and hit the market.
The green slope states the optimal grading line for the market.